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Zed and Ethnic Uplift

Although Bangladesh is 98% Bengali people, there are 2% ethnic minorities. Amongst these is the minority group of several hundred thousand Bihari people, who came from India after 1947. Following the war of 1971 most of this ethnic minority moved into repatriation camps, hoping to go to Pakistan. Forty years later, with their children and grandchildren, many still live in these camps, in intensely crowded situations with communal toilet and washing facilities. They continue to use their mother tongue of Urdu alongside the adopted Bengali.

Zed serves this community through providing training in house-wiring, refrigeration and air-conditioning repair — all skills with a growing demand and through this many find work locally and abroad. Dia, his wife, teaches children and teens and assists adults to get medical treatment. Living as a family beside one of the main camps, they model community reconciliation.

Bangladesh Partnership