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Bangladesh is the delta area for three huge rivers, the Megna, the Jamuna and the Ganges. The rivers overflowing bring life and fertility to the fields. But the flip side is floods, cyclones, tidal waves and other natural disasters - frequent but unpredictable events in the lives of Bangladeshis. All of our partners do what they can to help when these sudden needs arise, particularly in the areas they are near to.

Together we were able to bring some relief to people suffering from the impact of:

2007 floods submerge 3 districts in central Bangladesh

2008 Cycle Sidr kills 3500

2009 Cyclone Aila makes all the fresh drinking water in the south-west saline.

2011 Extremely  cold weather when people have insufficient bedding

2013 Tornado destroys 100s  of houses in southern Khulna district

The Response: dry food distribution, drinking water distribution, blanket distribution, seeds for planting, tin for house reconstruction and more.

Bangladesh Partnership