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Bangladesh Partnership(BdP) Privacy Policy as approved by the Trustees on 2.4.2018

With your permission, Bushells/BdP hold only your email, street address and phone number which you have yourself provided to us.

The one and only purpose of holding these details is to communicate with you concerning the activities of Bushells/BdP.

If you do support Bushells/BdP financially, we will hold additional data provided by you on the donation, standing order or Gift Aid forms, in order to process your gifts and keep necessary charity accounting records. We do not store details of any debit/credit cards.

Our website, bangladeshpartnership.org, does not collect any personal information or install any cookies.  Our website does contains some hyperlinks to other sites, both in the UK and abroad. Bushells/BdP cannot be responsible for data protection and privacy practices of these sites.

We never share your details with any outside party
Bushells/BdP will never share personal data with external parties unless required for:

  • Administrative processing of financial transactions, when details will be shared with BdP’s bank.
  • Donating through our website, handled by BT MyDonate, and covered by their privacy policy.
  • Producing annual financial statements, when data will be shared with BdP’s Independent Examiner.
  • Complying with legal requirements, e.g. providing personal details of BdP trustees annually to the Charity Commission.

Your data is secure
Your data, except for the email address, is held only in two secure cloud-based Dropbox password-protected accounts. Because your email address is used to send you regular news emails, it is also held on two password-protected laptops.

Banking information is protected by our bank’s strict security measures.
Financial records are held on the password-protected office computer with secure online back-up.

How long will we hold your personal data for?
Bushells/BdP always seeks to build long-term relationships with our supporters. In view of this, your details will be retained until we hear from you that you no longer want to be kept in touch with us.

Your right to know
This policy seeks to provide you with the information required by the European General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR), which are not affected by Brexit.
You can request a copy of the information we hold for you, and we will do our best to provide this by email or post within 14 days of receiving your request.

Your right to withdraw consent and raise concerns about our information rights practice
You can of course unsubscribe from receiving information from us, and stop giving financially to us at any time and at your request your details will be deleted. If your details change, please also let us know.

If you have concerns about the way we have handled your personal data, please do contact us by email at bdpartnership@gmail.com or by post to Bangladesh Partnership, 90 Denmark Street, Bedford MK40 3TJ, UK. If necessary you can raise these with the Information Commissioner’s Office: Tel: 0303 123 1113, Website www.ico.org.uk.

Bangladesh Partnership is a registered Charity in the United Kingdom No: 1075089