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Jacob and Gulshan Slum Schools

Not actually Gulshan, which is one of the wealthiest residential areas of Dhaka, but just across the main road lies a warren of small roads and alleyways, rapidly rising with six-storey blocks of flats or either side. In the midst of that, on the remaining open areas and low lying ground, the poorest of the poor pay rent to pack into tiny shacks, sometimes 6 - 8 people living in less that 10 sq metre.

To serve the children who live here, Jacob and Sheuli for many years have run a school for 30 - 40 slum children. No fees are required. Alongside the government text books, the children are given pencils and paper to write with. A mid-session snack is provided. A second school was opened July ‘13 for another 40 children. The schools cover just classes one to three and then the children are assisted - and the parents motivated - to enter local government provision.

Bangladesh Partnership